Terms & Conditions

This site has been especially designed by UML Hobby Online for Customers using its online shopping services.

If you intend to use the UML Hobby Online shopping services, simply want to browse in the UML Hobby Online or otherwise use this site, please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the site. By using the site or any part of it, you agree that you have read these Terms and Conditions and that you accept and agree to be bound by them.

These Terms and Conditions also apply to any order placed via telephone or facsimile.

In these Terms and Conditions the following definitions shall apply:

a. "Customer" shall mean you and all other persons who purchase the products under your Login.

b. "Intellectual Property" shall mean all intellectual property rights of whatsoever nature, including (without limitation) patents, designs, trademarks, databases or copyrights, whether or not registered or registrable by any means, and the right to file an application for registration thereof.

c. "Login" shall mean a Customer's personal password and access to UML Hobby Online under that Customer's registration.

d. "Price" shall mean the price of a product on the day of order.

e. "Product/Products" shall mean any and all the products for sale at UML Hobby Online.

f. "UML Hobby Online" shall mean this Internet site owned by UML and the medium by which Products are offered for sale by UML Hobby Online to the Customer.

All Products sold by UML Hobby Online through this site are subject to these Terms and Conditions. By submitting your order for processing at UML Hobby Online, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions prevalent at the time your order is submitted for processing.

The Customer agrees to provide complete and updated information for registration on this site. For credit card payment registration, the Customer shall provide UML Hobby Online with an accurate and complete credit card information and the Customer represents and warrants to UML Hobby Online that his use of the credit card (details of which have been supplied) is authorized and legal.

UML Hobby Online has the absolute discretion to refuse registration of a potential Customer and to terminate the registration of any Customer for any reason whatsoever.

The Customer agrees to pay for every order made under his Login and agrees to indemnify UML Hobby Online for all claims, losses and damages whatsoever made by any third party arising from the actions of a person placing orders for the Products using the Customer's Login. The Customer shall be responsible for updating his registration information including his credit card particulars with UML Hobby Online. The Customer shall be responsible for notifying his bank of any changes to his record, or loss, theft or unauthorized use of his credit card.

UML Hobby Online shall make every effort to fulfill orders placed by Customers through UML Hobby Online, but shall not be liable to any person if UML Hobby Online shall decline or become unable to fulfill an order for whatever reason, including supply shortage or supply modification.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 1.6, UML Hobby Online reserves the right to decline any order it may, in its sole opinion, consider unreliable for credit reason or otherwise.

Access to UML Hobby Online is gained through use of a personal password. UML Hobby Online shall not be responsible for any offline password management and the Customer shall ensure that his password is kept strictly confidential to prevent unauthorized use. UML Hobby Online shall use its best endeavors to prevent any unauthorized entry to UML Hobby Online. However, UML Hobby Online shall not be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever if any third party gains unauthorized access to the UML Hobby Online website using Customer's Login.


UML Hobby Online shall make every effort to ensure that prices, details and sizes of Products detailed on UML Hobby Online are up to date but UML Hobby Online reserves the right to vary the price and other details of the Products without notice.

The prices advertised on the UML Hobby Online are for online shopping only. Prices for some Products may differ from those charged at UML Hobby Store. The price of certain Products, in particular promotion goods, is subject to daily fluctuation and is offered for guidance only.

Not all product size will correspond exactly to the description offered online. UML Hobby Online reserves the right to provide the nearest product size at the nearest price.

There may be discrepancies between the online bill and the final bill due to out-of-stock products, substitutions, special offers, daily price changes and weighed items. UML Hobby Online reserves the right to adjust the online bill and such adjustments shall be marked on the final bill presented to the Customer at the time of delivery.

If the Customer requests a variation to the order which UML Hobby Online accepts then then the Price payable for the order will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the variation and shall be recorded on the final bill presented to the Customer at the time of delivery.

UML Hobby Online may from time to time set credit limits for individual Customers, and UML Hobby Online reserves the right to limit sales including the right to deny sales to resellers.


Payment for Products ordered through UML Hobby Online can be made by credit cards or PayPal.

UML Hobby Online may change at any time the method by which payments for UML Hobby Online online orders may be effected, and such changes may be notified to the Customer by e-mail, mailshots or a notice placed on this site.


UML Hobby Online shall use reasonable endeavors to deliver Products of acceptable quality to the delivery address specified on the registration form or last on record within the time slots selected by the Customer, but UML Hobby Online shall not be liable for any delays or non-delivery for causes beyond its control.

No delivery services shall be available on the 1st and 2nd days of Chinese New Year, and when typhoon signal No.8 or black rainstorm signals are hoisted.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify UML Hobby Online immediately of any change to his delivery address.

All deliveries, save where the Customer has specifically instructed UML Hobby Online to leave his delivery outside the door provided payment has already been effected (where such delivery shall be at the Customer's risk), shall be signed off by the Customer and the deliveryman of UML Hobby Online by entering their names and the time of delivery on the delivery form. If no such person is present, the delivery shall be withdrawn and attempted at another agreed time. UML Hobby Online reserves the right to charge the Customer an extra delivery fee.

UML Hobby Online reserves the right to decline delivery of Products to any Customer absolutely at its sole discretion.


The Customer may vary or cancel the order without incurring costs before UML Hobby Online has commenced processing the order.

Subject to the Customer's consent, UML Hobby Online may substitute a Product for another similar Product if the initial Product ordered by the Customer is unavailable.

If there is no prior consent from the Customer for a substitution, no substitution shall be made.


All risks in the Products shall pass to the Customer upon delivery, but UML Hobby Online shall retain title in the Products until full payment has been received.


Pictures of Products on this site may not correspond exactly to the Product description. In such case the written description of the Product is relied upon. The Customer shall not be entitled to return a Product on the basis that it does not correspond exactly to its online picture.

UML Hobby Online shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that orders are correctly fulfilled and shall deal with any discrepancies in the following manner, provided they are reported within 3 days of delivery via e-mail at

a. If any Product proves to have been delivered in a damaged condition, omitted in the delivery, or if the wrong Product is delivered, UML Hobby Online shall either refund to the Customer the Price of that Product, or replace the Product. Customers must notify within 24 hours of receipt of delivery.

b. If any Product that was not included in the Customer's order is delivered to the Customer by mistake, UML Hobby Online reserves the right to collect the wrong Product delivered.

c. If the Customer has been charged for a Product that has not been delivered, UML Hobby Online shall refund to the Customer the Price of that Product as originally charged to the Customer.

d. If a Customer is charged more than the Price of a Product, UML Hobby Online shall refund to the Customer the difference.

e. UML Hobby Online will not refund or exchange goods or rectify discrepancies if notified more than 7 days after delivery.

UML Hobby Online's liability to any Product delivered is limited to refund or replacement as specified above. All other remedies are excluded.

Refunds shall be credited, at UML Hobby Online's discretion, to the Customer's credit card account as supplied in the registration form or in the form of a PayPal account.


If the performance by UML Hobby Online of its obligations under UML Hobby Online is prevented by reason of "force majeure" (which shall include prevention occasioned by fire, casualty, accident, act of God, natural disaster, any law, order, proclamation, regulation, demand or requirement of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or of any of its government agencies, strikes, labor disputes, shortage of labor or lack of skilled labor, shortage or unavailability of products or raw materials, delay in transit or other causes whatsoever [whether similar to the foregoing or not] beyond the reasonable control of UML Hobby Online), UML Hobby Online shall be excused from such performance to the extent of such prevention.


UML Hobby Online reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion. Customers are reminded to review the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting any order. Once an order is placed, the Customer is deemed to have accepted the prevailing Terms and Conditions at the time.


In the event of any discrepancy in the translation of this text, the English version shall prevail.