Playground - Donald
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Play Buddies Collection comprises different Disney characters in a setting that bring customers back to their nostalgic Hong Kong childhood.

This Playground series features each character in the old-style Hong Kong playground along with toys that were played in their childhood days. Many Hong Kong natives have collective memories of photos, letters or videos to capture these precious moments that will be passed down from one generation to another.

People can now relive their childhood memories with these adorable play sets created by our mimo team! Disney and mimo creative team work closely to ensure all elements in the play sets including the 3.5" figures are up to Disney's standards. All products are produced by Dragon.

In this Playground series, Donald wears an old-school uniform at the playground with merry-go-round and kite.

What's more, the 3.5" figures are changeable to a standing or sitting position!

Collect the whole series for all Disney characters to play in the same playground!
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