Iron Man 3 - Mark 33 Silver Centurion (Model Kit)
HKD$ 388
Item no: [38333]
Box Size:
280 x 380 x 80mm
Shipping Weight:
1000 g

Model Kit Version

This scintillating new line from Dragon features movie blockbuster characters in 1/9 scale. Each stunning character is faithfully reproduced in model kit form, allowing collectors to assemble their figures individually. Each of the world-famous characters in the Iron Man 3 series is the end product of exhaustive design, and the heroes are made with an eye to perfect accuracy and authenticity. Furthermore, the model figures are separated into as few parts as possible to ensure they’re extremely easy to assemble. Indeed, within about an hour – or at the most an evening – collectors can complete assembly of their action hero in a suitably dramatic pose.
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