Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger
HKD$ 201
Item no: [33108]
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1000 g

Disney/Pixars' Toy Story is well-loved by fans all over the world with its warm loving characters, fun plot and the team spirit of Andy's group of toys.

This series of Toy Story play sets are designed by mimo's creative team which work closely with Disney measuring up to their sizes, appearances and standards. Product is produced by Dragon.

The collectible play set features 3.5" figures in its themed setting captured straight from the movie with movable parts to re-enact the scene. In this set, it features Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger in Andy's room.

In addition, each character's play set box is a different building block of letters. You can collect all the characters series to spell out BUZZ or ANDY. A perfect collector's item!
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